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Cloud Migration

Adopting the cloud gives your company a competitive advantage. While technology reduces the cost of labor for your business, moving on-premise to off-premise or hybrid cloud service models reduces total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and improves productivity within your company’s teams.

Your migration to the cloud takes careful planning, preparation and participation from all areas of your organization. Synthesis provides end-to-end cloud migration services, ensuring improved time-to-market, cost savings, and streamlined connectivity.

First, we get to know your current applications and classify them based on their unique characteristics. For example, are you using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, or have your applications been custom built for your organization?

Next, we evaluate how each application will need to scale within the cloud. What do you need today to accommodate a fluctuating workload and how much will you need in the future as your business grows? In this step we assess if your application is cloud native, and if it grows vertically or horizontally. As your partner, we work with you throughout the entire process to meet your needs.

Our assessment evaluates requirements such as user preferences, memory and storage needs, security risks and licensing restrictions. Synthesis identifies target applications and creates a dependency roadmap that reveals the relationship between interdependent applications.

With this knowledge, we map which applications can be migrated first and which need to wait until other, dependent applications have already been installed.

We Manage Your Infrastructure

Your infrastructure is a complex ecosystem, and getting to the cloud can be difficult. Synthesis considers security and compliance measures, operational controls and interoperability within your infrastructure. Following assessment and migration, Synthesis can help you use the cloud for faster application development, testing and deployment.

Synthesis’s experienced team provides ongoing management and maintenance, and, thanks to our adaptive, robust security measures, your data is always encrypted, and your team always safe.

For your business to innovate, you need to be agile and accurate. Our DevOps automation and release management solutions allow you to quickly develop, test and release applications, while eliminating the manual efforts that are time-consuming and error-prone.

We offer an ITIL process that will align all your IT support services to most efficiently serve your unique business needs. These solutions help streamline your day-to-day IT needs so that you can focus on the innovation that it takes to grow your business. Make sense of all the data you’re collecting- truly transform your IT infrastructure into business intelligence.

Synthesis gives you peace of mind with end-to-end Security Management, including detection, prevention, compliance and 24 X 7 service monitoring.

We Help You Monetize IoT Offerings

Today, customer experience is at the core of every business interaction. Subscription services are long-term relationships that your customers have with you, the provider, benefitting from recurring revenue and conscious business.

Synthesis’s robust subscription management platform is a consumer-friendly solution that also provides your business with the flexibility and agility you need for optimized operations. We help you reduce risk and customize your dashboard for insight from data, with a self-patching, healing infrastructure and a limitless elastic scale.

Selling products requires that you create a pricing structure -– a task that becomes more complex as you introduce new offerings and varying levels of services.

With our CRM product catalogue solution, pricing individual products is simple. Plus, you can quickly bundle products together to create new, complete solutions for a customer’s unique business situation, allowing them to adapt and grow with you. Dynamic product profiles and intuitive categorization allow your customers to independently search and find the product that best works for them.

From pricing to billing, device lifecycle management to back-end reports and analysis, Synthesis provides a congruent and efficient way to manage all the financial aspects of your business.

Let us help take your groundwork to the limitless resources provided with the cloud, from simple implementations to full-scale infrastructure transformation and management, Synthesis will be your partner every at every stage.