Case Studies

Double transactions through subscription monetization

See how a Business Information Systems provider transformed its business through monetizing the subscriptions.

Eliminate manual billing by upgrading to a subscription-based platform

See how a HR and Workforce solutions provider adopted the subscription economy.

Reduce customer transaction time by 80%

See how a Healthcare Solutions Provider simplified its billing and invoicing system to improve customer experience.

Global Subscription Platform Implementation

See how a global communication specialist successfully implemented the new-age subscription model with zero risks.

Subscription Monetization Center of Excellence

See how a Telecom major implemented NetCracker RBM through an onsite / offshore-based CoE execution.

Center of Excellence for Oracle BRM Implementation

See how a large communication service provider leveraged CoE model to double the speed of BRM implementation.

Error Free Billing and Efficient Operations for a Telecom Major

See how a major telecom company achieved error-free billing, efficient operations, and the launched their new pre-paid offering.